Aetrex Stealth V551 Runner Stabillity Running Shoe Womens

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For extra support every time you run, choose the Apex Stealth Runner. Formerly an Aetrex style, this ultra-comfortable women's running shoe features MozaicTM Customization Technology, so you can customize the fit to your needs or remove the two insole layers to accommodate any orthotic. The highly breathable Airlex sandwich mesh upper keeps your feet cool and dry, while the external heel counter and medial and lateral straps provide superior support and motion control in the Apex Stealth Runner.


Manufacture Part Number

V551WM045 - V551WM05 - V551WM055 - V551WM06 - V551WM065 - V551WM07- V551WM075

V551WM08- V551WM085- V551WM09- V551WM095- V551WM10- V551WM105- V551WM11

V551WM12- V551WM13- V551WW045- V551WW05- V551WW055- V551WW06- V551WW065

V551WW07- V551WW075-- V551WW09- V551WW095- V 551WW10- V551WW105- V551WW11

V551WW12- V551WW13- V551WX045- V551WX05- V551WX055- V551WX06- V551WX065

V551WX07- V551WX075- V551WX08- V551WX085- V551WX09- V551WX095- V551WX10

V551WM045- V551WX11

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